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Where Do Social Networking Sites Draw The Line With Monitoring?

Maha's Reply:
what did i say? sorry, so very sorry, but this is exactly what i meant by overstepping. there's a fine line that i believe was crossed today regardless of peoples complaints and that my dear friends is what we call a learning process.
the personal and very strong belief that something is offensive does not offensive make it. not always... or am i wrong? i don't think so. now some one may not get my sense of humor, but that's not the point. my sense of humor isn't your sense of humor and, believe you me, visa versa!
i also came across a similar spam like message with overtly sexual connotations that i immediately found offensive. i hovered over the inappropriate button and after a few seconds decided not to press it. what if she was just joking? what if it's someone i know?
i left a silly reply and ended up getting into a goofy conversation with @maryadkins. i don't think that person ever replied to the messages so that was a pretty good indication that it was nothing more than dirty spam. so what, i didn't go back to it figuring that the utterli team does a good enough job of keeping junk like that off the board. if she'd have a deeply offensive name, one that not a single soul would ever contest deleting, i would have reported her immediately. she didn't, so there was nothing to do.
now, i'm sure you weren't deleted because of the name. that would be absolutely beyond belief. there must obviously be a reason for these actions...i'm trying to rationalize it as i write because...well, i suppose i'm trying to give the benefit of the doubt here. i'm sure that my initial instinct that one single individual decided the name @satan1 was offensive because some religious people found it so has got to be wrong.
i doubt, i mean seriously doubt, that we as a community would close our doors to plain old silliness. have you guys seen the pictures on flickr? i mean seriously? have you actually seen them? that site is MASSIVE with TONS of activity. i've accidentally seen pictures i wasn't supposed to see.
i've also been actually personally offended. i mean actually attacked verbally. it happens EVERYWHERE. you know what i got back from every single site? block them. that's it.
in my humble opinion the first response to a complaint is this:
1. block the person who's offending you.
2. if this person continues offending hundreds of people warn them. let them know that there are several complaints about inappropriate material and advise them to monitor their material appropriately. in other words, make them private.
3. allow the person to then plead their case.
4. if the team insist on censorship of material then the person has no choice but to comply or suffer the consequences. it's true, we're using this service and have to comply to it's terms. very true. but when having to worry about the material we write, about offending people because our sense of humor isn't the "community norm" then we should pretty much know that up front.
this would allow people to make the choice whether to stay or go. quite frankly, if i had to concern myself with the occasional dirty joke, foul language or questionable content you wouldn't even see my dust. as it stands, i sit in terror at my desk when i read my husbands messages. if @brettbums alias can get banned, temporarily or otherwise, imagine @rigidraider? he's got no chance if i actually let him speak his mind. NO CHANCE. lol
well, i'm sure this will all get resolved. i'm not talking about bett's alias, i'm talking about procedures. it's important to keep your community safe, but it's also important to keep a good rapport. a good set of standards of practice that can be adhered to and understood by the site monitors would be a great asset. and i'm sure that all of us, individually, should remember to read the terms of use...if the terms of use should be revised at any point to include naughty names it would be nice to be notified via email of said updates. as a courtesy of course. i'm just sayin'. :P
thanks for listening everyone and brett...thanks again for keeping me up well past my bed time with your 'tarded antics. this one will do down in my miscellanists blog for ever as one of the classics of all time.
night!...oh crappers, it's 4:24 am!!! lol

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