Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rigid Farts In Public

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What is your least favourite sound?

I think my least favorite sound has got to be every single time Rigid decides to fart in public. I will turn my nose, call him names, run away or smack him so long as I can get away with doing it and not call further attention to ourselves. Still, it’s those silent but deadly farts that kill me.

When we first met he used to do it all the time. it didn’t matter where we were either. For some reason it just didn’t concern him all that much that we’d only just met as though farting in public was something that the English do wherever they please. He acted like his farts smell like roses. Well, I taught him a thing or two. And he doesn’t really do that to me anymore. He’ll still fart in front of my friends, but you know I’m so used to it that it simply doesn’t bother me anymore.

He does it on purpose just to piss me off that’s the thing. If I pay attention to him he’ll do it all the more. Now, we hear him and we simply turn around and walk away. It’s rare that anyone actually say anything to him. We just giggle and shrug. It’s not the done thing in the States, but hell, if the English like farting in public who’s to stop them?

I’m joking, I know people don’t do this. I don’t think there’s a country in all the world where farting is socially acceptable. Some people I tell ya!

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