Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Eyeballs Are Sexy

Blind Mag 8
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I love eyes. They say so much about the person don't they. Too cute means you're too easy to push around. Too narrow and you're to hard to push around. I like them in between cute and narrow.

Yes, this here is what you call a pointless post.

Give Me The Money

No seriously, give me the money. I wish these phones would stop ringing. I'm ignoring them as much as possible and I haven't done one of these blogs in a while so I'm ignoring the phone...as I said.

People also need to glue themselves to their seats. Everyone is fidgety today. Not sure why, but they're all moving around my desk constantly. I haven't had a moment of peace all day.

What would I do if someone gave me a large sum of money?; I would make them all go away.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Maharet Highlights GTPs Forum Topic Posters

Today's Highlights On GTP's Forum:

Anfone has the scoop on Dash Of Destruction Free?: Wait, free games! What's next free Xbox Live???
MGAwesome has a problem Slideshow Problem Give him a hand man....don't leave the poor boy hanging. I have no idea what the hell he's talking about. lol

DOOMSDAY PYRO thinks he's a spammer: Strangeworld Underground - my band
did you know he was in a band?

Go on, have a listen. It's...echoey. But don't you feel good about giving your fellow GTP'er some well deserved praise? I'm playing it in the background. :P "A monster!" (Holy Hell Batman, Doomsday Pyro is a GIRL...no wonder I kept hearing a girl singing. LMFAO! Well, that's even better as far as I'm concerned.)

Destruct needs some Guitar Hero assistencia on NEED SOMEONE GOOD TO HELP WITH GH:Aerosmith! I feel for ya' Destruct...I feel for ya'.

XV GODS GIFT XV is putting a clan together...Will you help a homey out on any one interested in joining a clan?

wooonderboy needs help for a Secret Santa project: Secret Santa Questionaire Help!! He's a good boy...I'll allow it. There's even more about this on his blog.

beholdnyquil wants to get his groove on in Looking for some DDR Universe 1 or 2 players! Now this i'm totally down for. Can you see my ass jiggling online playing DDR: Universe with a bunch of people? I can't, I've never done it before and I'll probably fall on my face, but I'm totally down with this!! Wooh!

Friday, December 05, 2008

LiveChanging Experiences

How has Xbox Live changed your life?
i'd love to say it hasn't, but it has. first, gaming on the xbox gave me my love of first person shooters. next live gave me a new perspective on the "live gaming" experience which used to only be available on the pc. i've met several people via xbox live and have made some really great friends.
people have asked me how i can be so into video gaming. some are actually still surprised that i'm a girl...shocker. a gamer is what i am and gaming is what i do. still i can go bouts where i'm doing nothing but gaming and bouts where i don't pick up the controller for months. it doesn't make me any more or less productive. not any more or less than going to the cinema or watching television while relaxing. it's entertainment on a different level though.
because the community is so connected it's easy to make friends and keep them for life. i have friends i've kept in touch with since 2003....dude, that's 5 years! it's more than a pen pal experience in that you're creating real friends on a more tangible scale all over the world.
here's something to think about though? what happens if you fall in love with your pal? what happens if you fall in love and he/she's on the other side of the world? now there's a life changing experience! there are so many similar stories out there that you would actually be surprised. meeting up and hooking up online are no longer rare occassions, but a fact of life.
personally, i think xbox live is changing the lives of a lot of people...and i get the feeling there's so much more on the horizon. it's so exciting i want to dance for joy...but i won't so i'll just let you enjoy rigid raider dancing for joy instead.

Gamer Lives on GTP

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GTP did a reality show... what would it be like? and who would be the winner?

that would be fun. i've actually blogged about this before i think, but not just gtp. gamers lives in general. it would be pretty pointless, but fun to do.

if gtp did a reality show it should be like it was in the old days. "i'm hotter than you are!", "no i'm hotter than you are." or whoever is most popular on the show and the public can submit their vote via text message.

the winner of this contest ....hmmm... dirtyeffinjimjo!!! he's hot. and he's got TON'S of friends both online and offline so he's pretty darn popular. mmmm sexy jimjoooo.....

i could totally see him throwing his hair around on a gtp reality tv show. if they did a talent contest he could do his russian dance thingy (youtube) or break out with his rockband moves. ooooh, my knees are wiggly just thinking about it.

The Power of Superstition Is Beyond Me

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Are you superstitious?

um....no. what's there to be superstitious about? what has ever happened if a black cat crossed the road? cars crashed? quite possibly. that's what happens when people don't want to hit an animal and hit a person instead. morons. i say run it the fuck over. squash it to little spaghetti bits! it's them or me!

salt over the shoulder? only when i'm joking or being dramatic. knock on wood...for effect only. i'll walk under ladders on purpose waiting for something awful to happen to me, but no pianos in sight. bugs was all wrong i tell you...all wrong.

the other day i found an umbrella in the house and i wanted to see if all the parts were attached. i was going to throw it away if it needed to be repaired, but rigid jumped on me and said i shouldn't open it in the house. baaaad juju.

yeah...i opened it. nothing happened. my life is still shit and crap is still going to happen to me and that's not going to change it. things will get better, but no amount of fung shui is going to help it along. life just IS.... you understand? it just IS... and things are either going to happen or aren't going to happen. there is NOTHING you can do to stop it or prevent it or thwart it.

life just is...

of course, in order to be superstitious in the first place i believe you have to have some form of spirituality or faith. you'll find most religious people are superstitious so plain and simple one has to hav the ability to believe in something they can't see...i do not posess that power.

marriage and friendship can be revolting

Someone once said "Marry your best-friend". Would you marry your best-friend?

i made a pact with my best friend when we got married that if we ever broke up, and we were sure we were never breaking up, but if we did we would remain best friends for ever and ever. that pact may as well have been sealed in blood. in fact, it may well have been. i was 18 years old.

we're divorced now. it's been 4 years since we separated and we're still the best of friends. i've been lucky that his girlfriend has been so understanding and i've made really great friends with her and her cousin. even her parents are kind to me. i say kind because they're fun to talk to and hang out with, but who knows what they must say after we leave. lol you know how family is. mine would do the same.

everyone always asks me how we do it. how we could see each other with other people and not be angry or upset. not have our spouses hate us for it or get jealous. we always look at each other and say, "i dunno, that's my best friend dude."

when asked, "but do you think you guys would ever get back together?"

our response is usually, "ooh, that's gross. that's like boning your own sister/brother at this point."

in short/long, that's what marrying your best friend can do. turn you into a relative and make the idea of EVER having sex with them again seem totally and utterly REPULSIVE. perhaps marrying your bff isn't such a great idea after all?

you've got a friend in me

"you've got a friend"
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Who is the best friend you've made on Xbox Live?

normally i would say my husband, but we're not best friends. not really. i had that "bff" thing with my ex-husband and still do, and even though i met my husband on xbox live, i can't consider him my "bff"...i love him more than that. besides, he PISSES me off more than anyone i know especially when we're playing. freakin' xbox HOG so NO, we're not xbox live bff's! the fucker.

right now we can't afford to buy any new games. somehow or another we found a way to buy cod:wow. just one copy. i had some store credit from a bunch of crap i took in a while ago and took in some more games i don't play (yeah, if you know me you know i NEVER trade my shit, but that's how desperate i am and god damned did i get hosed.) so all i paid out of pocket was 2 bucks.

we were jazzed as hell and have been playing it ever since. of course since he now has to share the couch with me he insists on telling me what to do. ORDERING me in fact.

"you missed a head shot!", "you could have gotten him if you'd have done what i said." or my favorite "fine, do what you want. go ahead and die then."... yeah. you think i'm joking don't you? .... yeah.

all in all we're having a blast. especially on zombies, lovingly called ZIMBIES by rigid. in fact i think he finally completed the game so he won't have to beg his xbox bff's to set one up! :P

Monday, November 17, 2008

Everything Everywhere

This will have to go on my follow up pile! Thanks spiffers. :)

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Where Do Social Networking Sites Draw The Line With Monitoring?

Maha's Reply:
what did i say? sorry, sorry...so so very sorry, but this is exactly what i meant by overstepping. there's a fine line that i believe was crossed today regardless of peoples complaints and that my dear friends is what we call a learning process.
the personal and very strong belief that something is offensive does not offensive make it. not always... or am i wrong? i don't think so. now some one may not get my sense of humor, but that's not the point. my sense of humor isn't your sense of humor and, believe you me, visa versa!
i also came across a similar spam like message with overtly sexual connotations that i immediately found offensive. i hovered over the inappropriate button and after a few seconds decided not to press it. what if she was just joking? what if it's someone i know?
i left a silly reply and ended up getting into a goofy conversation with @maryadkins. i don't think that person ever replied to the messages so that was a pretty good indication that it was nothing more than dirty spam. so what, i didn't go back to it figuring that the utterli team does a good enough job of keeping junk like that off the board. if she'd have a deeply offensive name, one that not a single soul would ever contest deleting, i would have reported her immediately. she didn't, so there was nothing to do.
now, i'm sure you weren't deleted because of the name. that would be absolutely beyond belief. there must obviously be a reason for these actions...i'm trying to rationalize it as i write because...well, i suppose i'm trying to give the benefit of the doubt here. i'm sure that my initial instinct that one single individual decided the name @satan1 was offensive because some religious people found it so has got to be wrong.
i doubt, i mean seriously doubt, that we as a community would close our doors to plain old silliness. have you guys seen the pictures on flickr? i mean seriously? have you actually seen them? that site is MASSIVE with TONS of activity. i've accidentally seen pictures i wasn't supposed to see.
i've also been actually personally offended. i mean actually attacked verbally. it happens EVERYWHERE. you know what i got back from every single site? block them. that's it.
in my humble opinion the first response to a complaint is this:
1. block the person who's offending you.
2. if this person continues offending hundreds of people warn them. let them know that there are several complaints about inappropriate material and advise them to monitor their material appropriately. in other words, make them private.
3. allow the person to then plead their case.
4. if the team insist on censorship of material then the person has no choice but to comply or suffer the consequences. it's true, we're using this service and have to comply to it's terms. very true. but when having to worry about the material we write, about offending people because our sense of humor isn't the "community norm" then we should pretty much know that up front.
this would allow people to make the choice whether to stay or go. quite frankly, if i had to concern myself with the occasional dirty joke, foul language or questionable content you wouldn't even see my dust. as it stands, i sit in terror at my desk when i read my husbands messages. if @brettbums alias can get banned, temporarily or otherwise, imagine @rigidraider? he's got no chance if i actually let him speak his mind. NO CHANCE. lol
well, i'm sure this will all get resolved. i'm not talking about bett's alias, i'm talking about procedures. it's important to keep your community safe, but it's also important to keep a good rapport. a good set of standards of practice that can be adhered to and understood by the site monitors would be a great asset. and i'm sure that all of us, individually, should remember to read the terms of use...if the terms of use should be revised at any point to include naughty names it would be nice to be notified via email of said updates. as a courtesy of course. i'm just sayin'. :P
thanks for listening everyone and brett...thanks again for keeping me up well past my bed time with your 'tarded antics. this one will do down in my miscellanists blog for ever as one of the classics of all time.
night!...oh crappers, it's 4:24 am!!! lol

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Bretbum's Discussion on Utterli:
"My Account Was Cancelled-I Blame Satan"

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rigid Farts In Public

WildCookie's Topic's on GTP

What is your least favourite sound?

I think my least favorite sound has got to be every single time Rigid decides to fart in public. I will turn my nose, call him names, run away or smack him so long as I can get away with doing it and not call further attention to ourselves. Still, it’s those silent but deadly farts that kill me.

When we first met he used to do it all the time. it didn’t matter where we were either. For some reason it just didn’t concern him all that much that we’d only just met as though farting in public was something that the English do wherever they please. He acted like his farts smell like roses. Well, I taught him a thing or two. And he doesn’t really do that to me anymore. He’ll still fart in front of my friends, but you know I’m so used to it that it simply doesn’t bother me anymore.

He does it on purpose just to piss me off that’s the thing. If I pay attention to him he’ll do it all the more. Now, we hear him and we simply turn around and walk away. It’s rare that anyone actually say anything to him. We just giggle and shrug. It’s not the done thing in the States, but hell, if the English like farting in public who’s to stop them?

I’m joking, I know people don’t do this. I don’t think there’s a country in all the world where farting is socially acceptable. Some people I tell ya!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

High Maintenance Biatch

Today's Episode: Do you consider yourself a high maintenance gamer friend? Is it really a big deal that your friends don't always send you a game invite when they see you're online? Do you take it personally or is this a pet peave you have about gamers in general? Has this ever started any "drama" for you in this regard and how did you deal with it?

The answer to that is very simple. No.

My attitude has always been this. I'm awesome and you want to be my friend. If you don't, go to hell. Just kidding. Actually, truth be told I simply don't have the time to game as much as I used to.

Also, I've just never been that way and I'm sure I still have plenty of old buddies on my friends list that can attest to it. I do, however, know quite a few people like that and have gone so far as to remove them, that is unless they remove me first. Either way it's great. The less you have to think about it the better.

I don't like being rude, don't get me wrong, but I don't have a problem with letting someone know if their irritating me. If they don't like it, that's just too much work so off you go.

My real friends know I'm a dedicated person and don't need me to be up their ass crack sniffing their shit all day long reassuring them that I'm there for them whenever they need me. I don't do clingy...I'm not good at it, but if someone came to me with a problem I'd do my best to help them out in any way I can. Even if it's just lending an ear.

I have two people in my life that are bitchy little gamers. My husband and my Exhusband. LOL!!! They're going to kill me, but they have their own set of standards in regards to xLive ettiquete and I've torn them a new one because of it on more than one occassion.

As far as I'm concerned, the minute you start bitching and moaning about "so and so didn't reply" or "so and so, never plays with me" and "so and so's not a real friend" wah wah wah...worlds smallest violin and all that. 

here's what i do. "hmmm, i haven't played with this dude in like... 2 yrs. I actually have no clue who he is." DELETE I expect the same treatment in return. If we have mutual friends we'll meet up again! RIGHT??? lol

Bats posts about a kid  who burned another kid alive. Terrible news

Are You F**king Kidding Me? - 09/25/08 

      I was thinking about something to write about and nothing was coming to mind, but then I watched the news and thanks to a jackass reporter I have something to write about. The news report was about a kid who poured gasoline all over another kid with the intent of setting him  on fire with a flare. Thankfully the gasoline doused kid was able to evade his attacker before that flare made this uglier story even more ugly. In this case the sympathy lies with the ki...