Friday, December 05, 2008

LiveChanging Experiences

How has Xbox Live changed your life?
i'd love to say it hasn't, but it has. first, gaming on the xbox gave me my love of first person shooters. next live gave me a new perspective on the "live gaming" experience which used to only be available on the pc. i've met several people via xbox live and have made some really great friends.
people have asked me how i can be so into video gaming. some are actually still surprised that i'm a girl...shocker. a gamer is what i am and gaming is what i do. still i can go bouts where i'm doing nothing but gaming and bouts where i don't pick up the controller for months. it doesn't make me any more or less productive. not any more or less than going to the cinema or watching television while relaxing. it's entertainment on a different level though.
because the community is so connected it's easy to make friends and keep them for life. i have friends i've kept in touch with since 2003....dude, that's 5 years! it's more than a pen pal experience in that you're creating real friends on a more tangible scale all over the world.
here's something to think about though? what happens if you fall in love with your pal? what happens if you fall in love and he/she's on the other side of the world? now there's a life changing experience! there are so many similar stories out there that you would actually be surprised. meeting up and hooking up online are no longer rare occassions, but a fact of life.
personally, i think xbox live is changing the lives of a lot of people...and i get the feeling there's so much more on the horizon. it's so exciting i want to dance for joy...but i won't so i'll just let you enjoy rigid raider dancing for joy instead.

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