Friday, December 05, 2008

Gamer Lives on GTP

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GTP did a reality show... what would it be like? and who would be the winner?

that would be fun. i've actually blogged about this before i think, but not just gtp. gamers lives in general. it would be pretty pointless, but fun to do.

if gtp did a reality show it should be like it was in the old days. "i'm hotter than you are!", "no i'm hotter than you are." or whoever is most popular on the show and the public can submit their vote via text message.

the winner of this contest ....hmmm... dirtyeffinjimjo!!! he's hot. and he's got TON'S of friends both online and offline so he's pretty darn popular. mmmm sexy jimjoooo.....

i could totally see him throwing his hair around on a gtp reality tv show. if they did a talent contest he could do his russian dance thingy (youtube) or break out with his rockband moves. ooooh, my knees are wiggly just thinking about it.

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