Friday, December 05, 2008

The Power of Superstition Is Beyond Me

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Are you superstitious? what's there to be superstitious about? what has ever happened if a black cat crossed the road? cars crashed? quite possibly. that's what happens when people don't want to hit an animal and hit a person instead. morons. i say run it the fuck over. squash it to little spaghetti bits! it's them or me!

salt over the shoulder? only when i'm joking or being dramatic. knock on wood...for effect only. i'll walk under ladders on purpose waiting for something awful to happen to me, but no pianos in sight. bugs was all wrong i tell you...all wrong.

the other day i found an umbrella in the house and i wanted to see if all the parts were attached. i was going to throw it away if it needed to be repaired, but rigid jumped on me and said i shouldn't open it in the house. baaaad juju.

yeah...i opened it. nothing happened. my life is still shit and crap is still going to happen to me and that's not going to change it. things will get better, but no amount of fung shui is going to help it along. life just IS.... you understand? it just IS... and things are either going to happen or aren't going to happen. there is NOTHING you can do to stop it or prevent it or thwart it.

life just is...

of course, in order to be superstitious in the first place i believe you have to have some form of spirituality or faith. you'll find most religious people are superstitious so plain and simple one has to hav the ability to believe in something they can't see...i do not posess that power.

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