Friday, December 05, 2008

marriage and friendship can be revolting

Someone once said "Marry your best-friend". Would you marry your best-friend?

i made a pact with my best friend when we got married that if we ever broke up, and we were sure we were never breaking up, but if we did we would remain best friends for ever and ever. that pact may as well have been sealed in blood. in fact, it may well have been. i was 18 years old.

we're divorced now. it's been 4 years since we separated and we're still the best of friends. i've been lucky that his girlfriend has been so understanding and i've made really great friends with her and her cousin. even her parents are kind to me. i say kind because they're fun to talk to and hang out with, but who knows what they must say after we leave. lol you know how family is. mine would do the same.

everyone always asks me how we do it. how we could see each other with other people and not be angry or upset. not have our spouses hate us for it or get jealous. we always look at each other and say, "i dunno, that's my best friend dude."

when asked, "but do you think you guys would ever get back together?"

our response is usually, "ooh, that's gross. that's like boning your own sister/brother at this point."

in short/long, that's what marrying your best friend can do. turn you into a relative and make the idea of EVER having sex with them again seem totally and utterly REPULSIVE. perhaps marrying your bff isn't such a great idea after all?

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