Friday, December 05, 2008

you've got a friend in me

"you've got a friend"
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Who is the best friend you've made on Xbox Live?

normally i would say my husband, but we're not best friends. not really. i had that "bff" thing with my ex-husband and still do, and even though i met my husband on xbox live, i can't consider him my "bff"...i love him more than that. besides, he PISSES me off more than anyone i know especially when we're playing. freakin' xbox HOG so NO, we're not xbox live bff's! the fucker.

right now we can't afford to buy any new games. somehow or another we found a way to buy cod:wow. just one copy. i had some store credit from a bunch of crap i took in a while ago and took in some more games i don't play (yeah, if you know me you know i NEVER trade my shit, but that's how desperate i am and god damned did i get hosed.) so all i paid out of pocket was 2 bucks.

we were jazzed as hell and have been playing it ever since. of course since he now has to share the couch with me he insists on telling me what to do. ORDERING me in fact.

"you missed a head shot!", "you could have gotten him if you'd have done what i said." or my favorite "fine, do what you want. go ahead and die then."... yeah. you think i'm joking don't you? .... yeah.

all in all we're having a blast. especially on zombies, lovingly called ZIMBIES by rigid. in fact i think he finally completed the game so he won't have to beg his xbox bff's to set one up! :P

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